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Blue/Gray and White Board (Sheet) sets the standard in the next generation of archival corrugated board. Greatly exceeding the quality of other boards available on the market today, and passing much more stringent testing for permanence than simply the Photo Activity Test, this is the next generation board available today.

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Item #SizeColorPrice/5 Pack
131B48x96" 1-Ply SheetBlue/Blue$179.05
131BW48x96" 1-Ply SheetBlue/White$179.05


Archival non- buffered acid free tissue is machine made in the USA of 100% high alpha cellulose, has a neutral pH, no deckles, and a smooth finish. It is suitable for interleaving, wrapping, and cushioning and also sufficiently soft for use with textiles, padding for textiles in shoulders, sleeves as well as shoes, purses, parasols.

Item #SizeQuantityPrice
113-AF100 24x36”120 sheets$38.00
113-AF50024x36”480 sheets$135.00


White Coroplast® is a high quality extruded thin walled corrugated plastic sheet formulated specifically for use in packing. It is extremely durable, waterproof and resistant to stains. Coroplast® is produced from a high impact polypropylene copolymer 157" (4mm) thickness. Coroplast® uses a copolymer resin in order to increase impact and low temperature performance. Sheets are electrostatically double treated by “Corona Discharge” on both sides. Can be die cut, sawn, scored, folded, drilled, stapled, spot/heat welded, glued, or fixed with nails or screws.

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Item #SizePrice/SheetPrice/50+
188-A48x96" ARCHIVAL$emailemail
18848x96”$20.00 $16.20


Glassine roll comes 36", 48", and 60" wide. Glassine made from a selected chemical pulp is acid free, has a neutral pH and is unbuffered. This "archival" grade of glassine is used for a variety of applications - interleaving between prints, drawings, pastels, book illustrations and textiles, making temporary envelopes for shipping unframed or un-matted works on paper. It is translucent, off white in color. Glassine is not recommended for long term storage.

Item #SizeLengthPrice/Roll
135-36-5036"50 yards$48.75
135-48-5048"50 yards$58.75
135-60-5060"50 yards$65.75
135-36-10036"100 yards$73.00
135-48-10048"100 yards$82.00
135-60-10060"100 yards$107.00


Silicone release paper is a coated paper or polyester product. It has a very slick surface and is very hard. Not much will stick to it, thus in packing it may be used when contact with “tacky” materials cannot be avoided. Though this product will not stick to most materials it also is fairly rigid so it cannot conform to complex shapes. Almost by definition materials that are tacky are soft. While this release material may not stick to the surface of an object, it may alter the appearance of its surface by making it flatter and "shiny" in texture.

Item #SizePrice/Roll
185-36-5036" x 150'$72.00
185-48-5048" x 150'$88.00
48" x 300'$96.00 sale price
$154.00 reg. price
185-60-5060" x 150'$99.00
185-36-10036" x 300'$110.00
60" x 300'$110.00 sale price
$187.00 reg. price


Silicone release tape is specifically formulated to adhere to silicone release paper.

Item #SizePrice/Roll
185-T1" x 72 yards$20.00

DuPont™ Tyvek® - Soft Wrap Tyvek® Archival

Tyvek® Soft Wrap is an archival "non-woven", non abrasive,gas-permeable,water resistant, breathable, and inert material. The fabric-like soft structure material has a waffle like pattern. Museums, galleries, artists, and art packers use Tyvek® Soft Wrap to wrap and protect paintings, sculptures, drawings, documents, and many other art objects during shipping and storage.

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Item #SizePrice
189-60-1060" X 10 yards$63.00
189-60-5060" X 50 yards$219.00

DuPont™ Tyvek® Hard Tyvek

DuPont™ Tyvek® Hard Tyvek used as a crate liner is a "non-woven", gas-permeable, water resistant, breathable, and inert material. Museums, galleries, artists, and art packers use Tyvek® crate liner for lining cavities, shelves, and shipping crates. DuPont™ Tyvek® crate liner, can be easily glued or taped and can be fabricated into dust covers, sleeves, garment bags, storage bags – or taken from the roll as needed to create clean work areas, table tops, or displays.

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Item #SizePrice
164-60-10060”x 100 yards$268.00
164-60-20060" x 200 yards$540.00
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